About KOgent Systems

KOgent Systems is all about relationships. We connect businesses to customers with custom B2B and B2C E-Commerce solutions. We connect businesses to each other with Jitterbit and custom coded data exchanges. We connect businesses with themselves by developing enterprise application and data integration strategies.

Outstanding Experience

KOgent Systems is founded on experience. Our management team averages over 25 years of technology industry experience. We have grown a practice that embraces both legacy architectures and the most cutting-edge web and data technologies. We are experts at connecting legacy technologies to mainstream applications, and we have extensive experience in helping businesses transition from problematic and expensive older architectures to flexible and extensible modern platforms.

Business First

We understand that our clients see technology as a means to an end. At KOgent we’ve learned to see beyond the technology to the business needs that motivate our clients. We use technology to solve business problems and open new opportunities for our clients to gain competitive advantage. Our goal in every engagement is to link technical solutions to business success.

Technology Independence & Objectivity

Our heritage includes a strong portfolio of enterprise technologies - ERP systems, Databases, MVC and MVVM architectures, test-driven development and DevOps, to name a few. We strive to remain “technology agnostic” - we are motivated by finding the right solution for the business situation with both the short and long term in mind. We are not married to any one platform or preferred technology stack. We evaluate business goals, current infrastructure, technology lifecycles, marketplace and in-house skills, cost-effectiveness and long-term sustainability to determine the best technologies to fit our clients’ needs.