Software Development

We offer software development expertise across many industries, platforms and tools. From legacy systems such as IBM iSeries platforms to cloud-based server and database infrastructures and cutting-edge UI technologies, we can build a solution to fit your business and technical needs. We draw project staff from our own personnel as well as from an extended resource pool of professionals.

Our application experience at a glance:

  • eCommerce
  • Most major ERPs
  • Accounting & Financials
  • Telecommunications
  • County Government
  • Emergency management
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Automotive
  • Broadcast media & Direct Response

Our technology experience at a glance:

  • JavaScript, Angular, JQuery, Sencha/ExtJS
  • PHP, Zend Framework, Laravel
  • Java, Kotlin, Jersey, Spring
  • Web Service APIs
  • Jitterbit
  • Oracle, DB2, Postgres, MySQL Databases
  • LANSA for the Web, VL, Integrator
  • RPG
  • OS: Unix/Linux, Microsoft, OS400

Recent Case Studies:

Lansa Migration for Telecom ERP

A telecom software company had an existing ERP package that evolved from the green screen to a Lansa Frameworks windows application. They turned to the expertise of KOgent to take the next step in modernization and bring that ERP to the web. By making the ERP a web-based application, it no longer needed to be installed directly and can now be accessed from anywhere.

KOgent leveraged the business logic, users and security from the current system to reduce development time and create a seamless transition from the windows application. The web application was developed using the Sencha framework, and Apache SOLR was employed to create new system-wide search functionality.

By redesigning the ERP using modern UI elements and streamlining workflows we were able to bring users a faster, more intuitive and more productive overall experience.  

S2K Website Integration for Food Products B2C

A food wholesaler to high-end restaurants for over 100 years came to KOgent looking to expand their web presence into the B2C market. They had developed a consumer product line and needed a B2C site that would integrate with their in-place S2K ERP.

KOgent provided functionality via API’s to the S2K ERP and deployed a new Angular frontend website on inexpensive AWS Hosting Resources.

Internet outages have been an ongoing issue for this company. KOgent built the new B2C website in a way so that it functions independently of the backend and consumers can still use the site even when the ERP is unavailable. The site includes a robust custom content management capability and SEO to allow marketing to drive traffic to the site.

KOgent worked closely with the client and a graphic designer, and using our UI methodology produced a  website design that is both functional and beautiful.  

Lansa Migration for the Auto Parts Industry

KOgent built a highly configurable SaaS solution using Lansa WAMs and Lansa Integrator for a company that supplies original equipment and name-brand automotive parts to independent service centers, dealerships, fleets and wholesale customers.

Utilizing APIs into supplier warehouses, many different catalogs (which are written in different languages) can be loaded. KOgent rebuilt and modernized the main catalog and replaced a flash based catalog using the Angular framework. Both of these catalogs are loaded from the Lansa application. This new main catalog allows for more configuration by users which requires added functionality.  

The replacement of the Lansa Application by the new Angular components has been done without any disruption to the current userbase.